How cinematic applied aesthetics elicits fear in an audience in horror films.

The medium is the message.(McLuhan, Marshall 1964) Regardless of narrative words, the film as the medium can also be the message. Producing a film required the filmmaker applied the pervasive methodologies to encode the message via cinematic techniques. Also, the film’s audience would receive the media aesthetics when they are watching the film, When they watched the movie, their visual perception would be educated by the film automatically, because of a feedback loop, they will use their movie aesthetic knowledge to judge other movies, even the environment around them. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why film students need to learn the basic media aesthetic elements in their academic studies; they need to learn and applied the existing filmmaking methods. On the one hand, they have to make sure that their audiences can understand what they try to say in films, audiences would judge their film by some existing media aesthetic knowledge. On the other hand, film students also have a responsibility to teach audiences aesthetic, because audiences always believe that information what you give them via the medium.



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Information visualization studio 1 project. There are three trips: 1. From China to Boston; 2. From Boston to Long Island; 3. In Boston from my apartment to my school.


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5.countryData_Xiangyi FuInformation visualization about Italy.


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